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   Top 10 entrepreneurs will be awarded upto 5 Lakhs and the next 40 entrepreneurs will be awarded upto 4 Lakhs.

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AP Entrepreneurship Development Program

                           The Land of Rising Sun in India, Arunachal Pradesh is home to motley tribes and a jaw dropping number of flora and fauna. The state is known for its picturesque landscapes, unique handloom and handicraft, historical hotspots, distinctive agro-products, music and dance, and industrious people. Despite having the requisite resources, only a handful of entrepreneurs in the state have been able to thrive in business. Many brilliant business ideas have remained constricted by local challenges, whereas a good number of the local population is struggling to earn livelihood due to limited employment opportunities.

                           Arunachal Pradesh Entrepreneurship Development Program strives to catalyse an inclusive solution to these challenges by developing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state and facilitating the aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive support and nurturing. Aimed at consolidating the existing resources and youths of the state for a self-reliant society and a sustainable economy, this state initiative is committed to creating a strong entrepreneurial culture in Arunachal Pradesh.

                           IIM Calcutta Innovation Park has been onboarded as the Knowledge Partner for the initiative to kick start the entrepreneurship development in the state.

Helpline Details

Helpline Contact:
Programmer (Planning) 9402965726
IIM Calcutta 7099637252

Department of Planning & Investment
Block no. 1, 4th Floor
AP Civil Secretariat

Components of the Program

AP Entrepreneurship Development Program


AP Entrepreneurship Challenge

Hunt for 50 best startups.



Convert ideas/prototypes to products.



Help entrepreneurs commercialize/scale-up their ideas/prototypes.


Livelhood Accelerator

Enable village-level micro-entrepreneurs to setup scalable and replicable businesses.